Jamie Lee (fantasy772) wrote in x__beauties,
Jamie Lee

Am I beautiful?

The Basics
Name: Jamie Lee
Age: 18
Location: Florida
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: Single
Do you use stereotypes often?:No
Do you drink/smoke? No, and i drink occasionally, but not in the last few months or so.

Band/Artist: The Used are so hot to me right now.
Song: Tears in Heaven: Eric Clapton
Movie: Cruel Intentions
Book: A child called it
Role model: My mom and my deceased father

Views on..
Abortion: I am against it. I don’t believe in it, and I don’t support it.
Same-Sex Marriages: I am against it. Same sex marriages do not go in with my religious beliefs or the way I was raised. I was also raised to not judge people for what they believe. I support people for their individuality and being honest with who they are. I am not against gay people. I do have gay friends that my views clash with, like this for instance, but they and I respect each other for standing up for what we believe in. That’s all I ask is to respect me for my beliefs.
George W. Bush: I support Bush. I am also republican, and have looked at both sides equally. I believe Kerry may make for a good president, just not in the next four years.
The War in Iraq: Well I support the decision. I would like for our soldiers to come home as soon as possible. I also know that taking them out right now might destroy all that has been established so far.
Premarital Sex: I don’t care. I believe people can do what they want to do. The only thing is people making decisions then bragging about it later, or spreading their business around.

How did you hear about our community? I was randomly found it.
Why do you think we should accept you? Because I am honest, and I will vote and promote this community to people. I will help bring new people here.

I didn't see if i should promote, but just for the heck of it i'll promote in my community :)

Post 3 or more pictures that clearly show your face

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