Losing my love, was losing my life. Save me. (grimreaperx) wrote in x__beauties,
Losing my love, was losing my life. Save me.

Am I beautiful?

Age: 14
Location: Latham, NY
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: Single, its a lot more fun.
Do you use stereotypes often?: No, not usually.
Do you drink/smoke? yes, I don't smoke weed, but I smoke ciggarettes.


Band/Artist: Death Cab for Cutie, Smile Empty Soul
Song: Tiny Vessels, Wonderwall
Movie: The exorcist..its pretty funny!
Book: Katie.com, Go ask Alice
Roll model: I don't really have one, since I really don't believe in that stuff. I am who I am, I don't like to follow people..because I believe that I should make my own mistakes, not some one elses.

Views on..

Abortion:It's really murder. I think the only people that should have abortions are people that were raped. Because they really couldn't do anything.
Same-Sex Marriages: They are in love with the person, not what is in their pants.
George W. Bush: He is one of the worst presidents I think we have ever had.
The War in Iraq: Haha they just want to start crap, and its annoying. There isn't a point. I mean seriously, the country has their freedom, and should be able to rule how they want to, instead of the dumb GWB being a retard.
Premarital Sex: If your comfortable doing it..then go ahead..just don't be a whore.


How did you hear about our community? Ms. Mod:)
Why do you think we should accept you? Hm, I really don't know. Its honestly your choice.

Ok I am really sorry about my pictures being sideways. If some one would be so kind to show my how to make them not sideways, that would be just great!

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