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am i beautiful?

The Basics
Name: Kristina
Age: 15
Location: Hicksville, New York
Sexual Orientation: streight
Relationship Status: single.. but with some1. we went out for a year and a half then broke up now we're getting back together
Do you use stereotypes often?: no not usually
Do you drink/smoke? no i dont smoke. but i drink

Band/Artist: nirvana, system of a down, hoobastank, the living end
Song: sugah by system of a down
Movie: dazed and confused, dirty dancing, urban cowboy, mystic pizza
Book: seventeenth summer and forever
Roll model: i dont really have 1.. im my own roll model.

Views on..
Abortion: its really the situation. but really you shouldnt be having sex if your not ready to have a baby.
Same-Sex Marriages: you fall inlove with the person you fall inlvoe with. no1 can stop that. u should be able to be with that person if u love them.
George W. Bush: hes a cool cat. i dont see anything wrong with him. he had to send people into war. if they didnt iraq and stuff would be like "hey their not trying to stop us.. lets bomb the whole dam country"
The War in Iraq: its stupid. all because we have freedom and they dont. the u.s has tried everything they can to get them freedom and they still dont appreciate it.
Premarital Sex: if you really love the person and your willing to take the responsibilites of the consiquences then yea sure. but if your just doing it for fun its gay

How did you hear about our community? in another community i'm in
Why do you think we should accept you? i think you should accept me because i am beauty. not nessesarily on the outside but in the inside. im my own person. i dont copy any1 to be cool. im outgoing and funny and i like making other people laugh.

Post 3 or more pictures that clearly show your face

im on the left.

k enjoy<3

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